Melon Rouge Eatery


May 29 2021


12:00 - 15:00

Confessions of a Voice Artist

Join us for the book launch of Malcolm Gooding – “Confessions of a Voice Artist”

After a critically acclaimed run of his theatrical show, “Going Gooding: A Play on Radio”, Malcolm Gooding brings us his memoir: “Confessions of a Voice Artist

His story rollicks through a golden era in radio, when shows like “Squad Cars” and “Jet Jungle” held young and old spellbound. His vocal talents brought him in contact with icons like Vorster, Madiba, Kerzner and Kriel, Eugene Terre’Blanche and Sean Connery.
Malcolm evokes a bygone era as he confesses to his misadventures growing up in Germiston (while his classmates became electricians, he took elocution); of selling apartheid for the gay-cabal-ruled SABC, selling ciggies for the Ruperts, and arms for Armscor.
But wait, there’s worse, selling potato-peeler-corer-shredders for Verimark.

The book is whimsical, charming and at turns downright funny: must-read for anyone who remembers the days when “After action satisfaction” was the closest we got to porn.

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